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Terms of Service

Welcome to MyQuest Farms' terms of service! By using our services or purchasing our products, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. All information provided in our consultation is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or legal advice.

2. You must be over 21 years of age to use our services.

3. Our services are only available in locales where cannabis cultivation is legal.

4. You must comply with state and local laws.

5. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

6. Any products or equipment recommended during our consultation are the sole responsibility of the client to obtain and use at their own risk.

7. We do not guarantee any results from our consultation and are not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of our services as there are many variables such as lighting, nutrients, human error, etc. that are out of our control.

By using our services, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: Digital products such as the MyQuest Farms Grow Clean Cultivation Guide are not eligible for returns or refunds, for inquiries on other product returns please contact

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