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Includes a complete growing kit as well as access to our comprehensive growing guide and expert consultation sessions!


This complete grow kit includes:

  • Spider Farmer Pro-Grade 2x2 Grow Tent, 24"x24"x72"
  • 240W LED Grow Light
  • iPower 4 Inch 230 CFM Inline Fan, Air Carbon Filter with Ducting and Clamps
  • VIVOSUN AeroWave E6 Grow Tent Fan 6”, EC Motor, Auto Oscillating Clip Fan
  • Humidity and Temperature Monitor
  • Digital Timer
  • Power Strip
  • Safety Glasses
  • Trimming Snips
  • Air Pump with Air Stones with Tubing
  • Two 5 Gallon Buckets with Net Pot Lids
  • Water Filter
  • Clay Pellets (Hydroton)
  • Rockwool Cubes
  • pH Test Kit
  • pH Up and pH Down
  • DynaGro Grow and DynaGro Bloom
  • TPS Bloom Bud Builder
  • Trellis Net


NOTE: There are two versions of the Growing Guide included, one meant for a desktop computer and another meant for mobile devices/tablets.

Grow Clean Complete Package - Small

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